• Unique system covers the sanitizing agent and activates after the trap is in use to keep it smelling fresh and clean
  • A minimum clearance of 9" between bottom of sink tail pipe and top of trap bucket is required for easy installation without tools
  • High-strength plastic construction and permanently-sealed lid
  • 12 1/2” diameter x 11” Hight
  • Two flexible hoses (1 1/2” ID x 1 3/4” OD x 20” long) conveniently connect trap to sink tail pipe and sewer tail pipe
  • Flexible adaptor fitting for sewer tail pipe included for improved drain seal
  • Includes sealed trap bucket, 2 hoses, and sewer tail pipe adapter fitting

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Self-Sanitizing Trap-Eze Plaster Trap 5 gallon kit

  • $59.00

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