• Molding plaster, Plaster of Paris, 25 lb box

Commonly referred to as "Plaster of Paris", Molding Plaster is a beta-hemihydrate gypsum product manufactured from high purity, naturally occurring, white gypsum rock. It is commonly used as a good white base material for formulating interior oriented construction and industrial compounds, including simple 3-D statuary, architectural castings, and temporary templates where strength and hardness are not important.

Water/Powder Ratio 65g/100g
Working Time Regular Set: 9-14 minutes Slow Set: 20-30 minutes
Setting Time Regular Set:12-17 minutes Slow Set: 25-35 minutes
Setting Expansion 0.20%
Compressive Strength (1hr) 28 MPa (1,500psi)
Compressive Strength (48h) 56 MPa (3,000psi)

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Molding plaster, Plaster of Paris, 25 lb box

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